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Avoid These First-Time Homeowner Mistakes

Being a first-time homeowner can be one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. Now you have a whole new set of challenges ahead.  There are a lot of opportunities to learn as you go and unfortunately mistakes will be made.

Many new homeowner mistakes can be avoided by doing some preparation. Don’t let the following newbie mistakes damper your excitement. Be proactive and plan ahead by using these tips and tricks below to help you learn the ropes of being a homeowner.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance

You likely did a walk-through with a certified home inspector, so you’re alert to what issues you’re your attention, and that can wait.  House maintenance includes many jobs you might have never considered before, like power-washing the home, cleaning the gutters, and prepping your pipes for the winter. The easiest way to avoid costly damage is to create a quarterly or monthly maintenance schedule for all the areas of your home. You should include interior and outdoor maintena…

Spring Cleaning Tips 2019 by Mike Bolger - Chestnut Park West

So, it’s the spring and the time when we get down on our hands and knees to scrub our home top to bottom. Avoid the spring-washing blues. Put the duster down and make a visual difference to your home. Remember that feeling when you just moved in? It’s like a new car smell. Everything had its place, d├ęcor was new and you had just what you needed. Find that house again! It’s simply a change of mindset, appear beyond the mop to the tasks that will actually transform your house for the entire season. 
Follow these spring-cleaning hacks to a cleaner, brighter home:
Out With Seasonal Plants:Replace all winter houseplants with fresh plants from a local farmer’s market. Fresh vegetation helps to improve the circulation of oxygen in your home. This will help attract clean spring-like air flow.
Toss the Extras: In the spring, it's the best time to place all these heavy materials like heavy throw blankets, seasonal toss pillows, and decor in storage. The fewer patterns and textures around can ma…