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What You Can Expect During The Home Buying Process

It may be a goal you have had since childhood. Perhaps, you have rented for most of your adult life and now want to experience the joys and satisfaction of home ownership. Buying a home is a big step and requires a lot of important decisions along the way. With some advanced planning and research, you can be sure your home purchase is something you feel good about for many years ahead. Here are the basic steps that lead you to a successful transaction.

What You Can Afford

This is different from qualifying for a loan. This is calculating how much of your budget you will devote to your home and how much money you want for other things. For a person who values travel, they can afford more house than they should buy. Some of their money will go toward accommodations on the road or other travel expenses. If you love fishing, boating, or a hobby such as restoring classic cars, factor the required budget for your preferred pastime into your overall household budget. With that in mind, think tw…

Ways to Work From Home

With an exceedingly cold winter and bouts of extreme weather, I've now found myself stranded in the home twice, struggling to take mass transit to my office. As a commuter from Waterloo, traffic is usually brutal in the first hours, and incidents on the highway are regrettably too common. Adding bad weather, as you might guess, will not make it any less difficult. Even though this may seem as an inconvenience, it’s an excellent excuse in which to stay my pajamas and work peacefully from your home certain days.

Sure, getting stuck working from home may not end up being the perfect sometimes-if you possess meetings scheduled, it could actually present an issue or, if you’re like me, usage of a second screen may be difficult, severely limiting your project's space and slowing your flow. Nevertheless, being a Kitchener/Waterloo Realtor definitely has its advantages.

For example, eliminating the commute means additional time to settle (even if it's only a short while), looked …