Crucial Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

You have established the numbers of what you can afford as you look for a new home. You have researched the neighborhoods that you like, and now you are ready to work with a realtor. But which one? There are tons of them out there in your region. Now is the ideal to ask lots of question to determine if they are the right professional realtor for you. As soon this process is complete, you can now concentrate on your search.
Now you found a few properties that you like; you will want to ask your realtor to ask these six questions to the seller's agent. 
Why are the owners selling? This question will give you facts on two things: significant flaws or if someone is moving for a job or going overseas.  This information is necessary to find out if they are motivated to sell quickly. Some realtors might be unwilling to share this information because it's personal for their client. If you get an answer that makes sense,  move forward to the next questions.  
How long has the home bee…

When Buying a Home, Look Out For Foundation Issues

When buying for a house it can be both enjoyable and difficult. The plan is to locate a place that is in exceptional condition and fits your living needs. One of the most significant concerns for many is that the property that you purchase is structurally sound. Check out these recommendations about how to spot probable problems when viewing homes with your real estate agent. Some realtors offer a VIP Buyer's Program.

Watch out for these red flags When heading out to open houses and showings, watch out for the following signs of foundation problems. If you’re looking at properties built more than ten years ago, pay extra attention to damaged foundations.

Outside: What to look out for • Horizontal cracks
• Stair-step cracking
• Gaps around windows and doors
• Sunken stairs or porch

Inside: What to look out for • Misaligned windows
• Hard to open doors and windows
• Drywall cracks
• Cracked tiles
• Ceiling cracks
• Separation between walls
• Separation between ceiling
• Moistur…

Five Things That Could Impact Your Insurance Rate

Sometimes your home insurance rates are reflected by certain things in your home. Understanding what they are can lower your home insurance rate. To prevent rate hikes, you will need to review some key features of your home that may be costing you extra money. Look for these things:
WiringYour old wiring can be a big concern for insurance companies. If the wiring system in your home is aluminum wiring, this is considered more susceptible to fire by Insurance Companies.Insurance companies may require you to upgrade or they may hike your premiums. Also, some homes may have wiring that is no longer up to code; this could also negatively impact your rate. If homeowners update their wiring system with an electrician to decrease the risk of fire damage and up to code, it can have a dramatically reduce your insurance rate.
PlumbingAnother concern for the insurance company is the plumbing system. Damage from water leaks is one of the most common home insurance claims from homeowners. Older prop…

Consider Investing into Multi-Family Properties in Waterloo

Buying a single-family investment property in the Kitchener Region can be challenging, but not unattainable! Another strategy to consider is Multi-Family Properties. With the new mortgage rules, some investors are hesitant to risk their cash for a higher down payment giving you more opportunity. Investor’s that are putting 20% down have a better chance of securing a mortgage. Often times, paying full market value for rental properties are required to take to get high-quality rental properties in a major area.

Here are several points to look at Multi-Family Properties: 1 – Cash Flow Multi-family Properties have a tendency to provide more cash flow. Switch your attention on diversifying your portfolio with multi-family properties. Multi-family properties do really good in all parts of the real estate cycle.

2- Competition First-time buyers are not commonly investing in multi-family properties. You will have less competing offers, especially with four-plexes and more. Buyers that…

Avoid These First-Time Homeowner Mistakes

Being a first-time homeowner can be one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. Now you have a whole new set of challenges ahead.  There are a lot of opportunities to learn as you go and unfortunately mistakes will be made.

Many new homeowner mistakes can be avoided by doing some preparation. Don’t let the following newbie mistakes damper your excitement. Be proactive and plan ahead by using these tips and tricks below to help you learn the ropes of being a homeowner.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance

You likely did a walk-through with a certified home inspector, so you’re alert to what issues you’re your attention, and that can wait.  House maintenance includes many jobs you might have never considered before, like power-washing the home, cleaning the gutters, and prepping your pipes for the winter. The easiest way to avoid costly damage is to create a quarterly or monthly maintenance schedule for all the areas of your home. You should include interior and outdoor maintena…

Spring Cleaning Tips 2019 by Mike Bolger - Chestnut Park West

So, it’s the spring and the time when we get down on our hands and knees to scrub our home top to bottom. Avoid the spring-washing blues. Put the duster down and make a visual difference to your home. Remember that feeling when you just moved in? It’s like a new car smell. Everything had its place, d├ęcor was new and you had just what you needed. Find that house again! It’s simply a change of mindset, appear beyond the mop to the tasks that will actually transform your house for the entire season. 
Follow these spring-cleaning hacks to a cleaner, brighter home:
Out With Seasonal Plants:Replace all winter houseplants with fresh plants from a local farmer’s market. Fresh vegetation helps to improve the circulation of oxygen in your home. This will help attract clean spring-like air flow.
Toss the Extras: In the spring, it's the best time to place all these heavy materials like heavy throw blankets, seasonal toss pillows, and decor in storage. The fewer patterns and textures around can ma…

2019 Most Popular Landscaping Ideas

If you are trying to sell your home or update one this spring, there are various ways to modernize your landscaping and curb appeal. This year's trends might require homeowners to step outside the box with one of a kind landscaping designs. Here is a list of this year's most popular trends.
Just forget about installing an unattractive wooden fence to protect your privacy and plant a quick growing hedge or shrub instead. This will provide an increased barrier between your outdoor living space and your neighbors. Think about a low growing shrub, that can create a semi-private feel to an area without blocking the view. You can also plant some trees to add personal privacy and add some organic beauty to compliment your house.

Growing Produce
If you are going to add plants to the garden, perhaps you should grow something to eat. Planting fruits and vegetables is known as a smart way to add some interest and beauty to your landscaping. Growing food in your yard is a trendin…